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Living Single: Singleness Series

May is here and I’m glad about it! If you haven’t heard already, this month I’ll be doing my very first series! This month is all about singleness in honor of my 2 year anniversary of being single. Being a single millennial is a hot topic, being that we’re at the age where half of our friends are getting married and having kids, while the rest of us are coming home to books and snacks taking up the other half of our beds. I wanted to create a safe space where we could talk, cry, and encourage each other in our journeys. Keep reading to see what you can expect all month long!


Being that I am a blogger, of course I’ll be sharing my singleness story and experiences through words on a page. You’ll get the chance to read work from guest writers throughout the month as they share their experiences in specific topics of being a single millennial.

Panel discussions

This is what I’m extremely excited about! I’ve gotten a few of my good friends together to share their thoughts and ideas about being a single millennial! There will be a discussion specifically for the ladies AND for the men, followed by a co-ed panel. The discussions will be real and honest, and no topic is off limits!

Personal interviews

While there will be a few group discussions, there will also be a couple of one-on-one interviews with some single millennials that I believe have very interesting takes on the idea of singleness. These interviews will explore their minds and get a better understanding of singleness through their lens.


We all know how strong of an influence music can have in our lives. Whether you are single and loving it, going through a breakup, or surviving having a crush in your 20s, I have created the perfect playlist to get you through!

I can’t wait for you all to see what I have in store for you! I’m literally getting new ideas every single day! Buckle your seatbelts because this will be one crazy ride that you don’t want to miss!