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Thinking Outside of Logic: Being a Creative 101

I just came back from an AMAZING weekend in Atlanta! I attended the Create Conference, a conference hosted to bring over 1000 creatives together to inspire, cultivate, and ignite the passion to do what they do best…CREATE! I spent three wonderful days being poured into by some pretty amazing people and gained so much insight and clarity regarding my creativity and how to utilize it in the most effective way possible. Today, I’m sharing 5 of my favorite takeaways from the conference to help spark the creative awaiting in you!

You stifle your creativity when you try to duplicate.

This appeared to be the running theme in almost every single session! In order to be successful, you have to stay true to yourself. It’s okay to be inspired by others, but don’t allow yourself to be so consumed in what someone else is doing that you try to make their story and/or ideas work for you. You were placed on your own path for a reason. Be comfortable in your own lane and know that out of all of the creatives out there, there is a special place for you and your creativity.

Relationship building is the key to success

Don’t burn bridges! Be kind to people. You never know who is watching and what role they can play when it comes to your destiny. Whether you realize it or not, every person you connect with is in your life for one reason or another. Community is important and is necessary when it comes to your success.

Trade perfection for authenticity

Contrary to what social media would have us to believe, nobody lives a perfect life. We have to focus more on being real instead of portraying a life that others may deem acceptable. Personally speaking, when I first began this blog, I had the mindset that I had to say the right thing or appear to be this great successful young adult that had everything pulled together while sharing the perfect piece of advice to have my readers live on that same level of perception. Now that I’m in my second year of blogging, I’ve learned that people appreciate honesty and realness over a formulated piece that can be found on any Google search any day. Be relatable. Be true to you. Celebrate your uniqueness.

Understand your identity outside of the gift

In one of our sessions, we were encouraged to ask ourselves the question “Who am I”? We were instructed to not include any of our titles, roles, or gifts when writing out our list. I encourage you to do the same. Self-awareness is key and will help you operate in your gift to a greater level.

Your uncomfortable moments are preparing you for your comfortable days ahead

Do not despise small beginnings! Being a creative can have its’ challenging moments; oftentimes we are misunderstood and lack the support we are looking for when doing what we do best. There are many long nights and wearing several hats at one time because we are operating with team “Me, Myself, and I”. You may not have all of the resources or money you want or need at the moment, but it’s only for a season. It’ll all make sense in the end!

This conference was definitely life changing and I know that I will never be the same! If you are a creative I would highly recommend attending this conference in 2020! If you would like more information, visit the website!

What are some lessons you have learned as a creative? Let me know in the comments below!