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Spring Cleaning: The Art of Letting Go

Spring: the time of year that we take inventory of our belongings and make plans to commit to living a cleaner lifestyle. Outside of decluttering the closet and cleaning the house from ceiling to floor, we all could take a moment to self reflect and realize areas in our life that could use a little freshening up. Keep reading to see three ways I’m choosing to clean up my life this spring!

Removing religion.

If you’re anything like me, you grew up in the church. From the time you popped out the womb, you were in church anytime the doors were opened. Growing up, I saw God through a legalistic lens; serving Him meant following strict rules, not hanging out with the wrong people, saying your prayers before eating, no sex before marriage, and a laundry list of a million other things. It wasn’t until college that I even heard the concept of having a relationship with Him. With that being said, I am still finding myself having to break the ideology that has been followed for 20+ years even now. A few weeks ago, I was having a conversation with my best friend about finding myself being embarrassed and feeling guilty about some decisions that I had recently made that may seem unconventional and/or outside of what the “average” Christian should do. I realized that I was shaming myself out of the old mindset, not wanting to seem like a bad person for living my life and choosing what I believe is best for me. At the end of the day, it's not about following what path others have laid out; it’s about seeking Him and following the convictions that have been established between the two of us. Even when it may seem out of the ordinary to others, knowing that what you’re doing is pleasing to Him is what matters.

Facing reality.

A year ago, I would have pictured myself living a totally different life. I would be in a brand new car. Living in a house I bought. Living my best life with somebody’s son. Establishing a business that brought in six figures within the first six months. The reality of it all is I’m still in my college car. I’m paying rent to live in a tiny studio-sized, but comfy apartment. I am as single as I was the day I entered into this world. And I’m a hundredaire when it comes to what my business is bringing in on a monthly basis. The circumstances may not be “ideal”, but it is my truth and the life I live every single day. It sucks to have to change plans or see your life not panning out the way YOU thought it should. The truth is, I am right where I need to be. If things were to go my way, I would probably be in even more debt trying to sustain a house and car I can’t afford, bankrupt before becoming an LLC, and sending that son back to his mama. I’m learning to be content in the season that I’m in while remaining hopeful that the great things I desire and envision will manifest in my future!

Redefining friendships.

Friendships make the world go round. They’re up. They’re down. They go through seasons. They go through breakups. They go through reconciliation. As I get older, I’m learning that the course of some friendships naturally change. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There was a point in time that I thought if I don’t talk to a friend every single day, or go through “dry spells” where I don’t hear from them for sometimes months on end that something was terribly wrong and the friendship was in trouble. Now I understand, we are adults and we are all booked and busy. We’re out here obtaining degrees, getting married, having kids, working full-time jobs, starting businesses, working in ministry, and many times it’s all happening at once. A solid friendship is not solely defined by phone records. Sometimes we just get busy living life and that’s okay. Leading your own life does not exclude them, nor does it change the love in your heart. It also doesn’t change the fact that you’re still loyal, praying for them, and there in serious times of need. Whether we talk every day or once every three months, I’m still in your corner and rooting for your success!

What are some ways you plan to let go and let God this spring? Let me know in the comments below!