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Summer Reflections

Summer is slowly coming to a close. Though I didn’t get to do everything on my summer bucket list, I was able to do some other things that I’m proud of and that is making me a better woman day after day. Keep reading to see what this summer had in store for me!


I initially started going to therapy the summer of 2017, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to place it on hold. This summer I was able to reconnect with that therapist and resume my sessions. Even though this is my second go-round, the focus is totally different and allowing me to gain practical tips and tools that I am using in my everyday life. Read more about my therapy journey here !

Created boundaries

Boundaries are so important in any relationship. I always knew that they were crucial, but I didn’t understand the true significance, and the consequences for the lack of them until this summer. One day I took the time to actually write down what I needed from those close to me and what I would and would not accept from others. Since creating that list, I have been able to slow down and have those boundaries at the forefront of my mind before making decisions. If you need help creating your own personal boundaries, check out last week’s blog.

Turned my house into a home

Last summer, I moved out of a pretty spacious living space to an apartment that is about half of that size. I can be considered a junior hoarder; I tend to hold on to things for fear of needing it if I actually threw it away. With that being said, my house seemed like a storage room where I just happened to lay my head at night. From my sewing machine in my kitchen cabinet to a Christmas tree in my personal closet, not to mention I had my entire inventory for Tia’s Closet in my living room. If you can’t picture it take my word, it was a MESS. This summer I knew that it was time for a change. I wanted to have a living space that I was proud of and genuinely call home. I broke down and spent the extra few dollars to rent a garage in my apartment complex that I could turn into a workspace/storage space. This change has been one of the best decisions I could’ve ever made. Now I can breathe freely and create the environment that I’ve always wanted.

Taking better care of myself.

In July, a situation occurred at work that has temporarily (prayerfully) changed my work conditions; I now have to work twice as hard due to having the workload of 2-3 people. It has been A LOT. While my job has made me gain a better appreciation for rest and self-care, it has made me lazy in some aspects, like my appearance. If I’m honest, all I’ve been wanting to do lately is go to work and come back home and if that’s the case, who cares if my twist out should’ve been out days ago or my shirt has one too many wrinkles? Just last weekend, my best friend gave me a wake-up call and the reminder that I needed to get myself together. Though that’s not something anybody would want to hear, I had to be real with myself; I’ve been seeing the decline but was hoping it wasn’t obvious to anyone else. I’m grateful to have friends that want to see you put your best foot forward, and now I’m being more intentional in taking more care into what and who I present myself as every day.

Became more health conscious

This summer was a trying time for my health and the condition of my body. Just in these past few months, I’ve had issues concerning my gallbladder, digestive system, eyes, and heart. Thankfully, a good bit of the concerns were false alarms, but they were definitely eye-openers. I felt that I was too young to have such a decline in my health, especially if there were things that I could do in order to reverse those said diagnoses. I started going back to the gym and eating better to avoid having these concerns again and just feel better, in all aspects of the word. I don’t get it right all of the time, but I’m making the effort to make being healthy a lifestyle.

What are some changes that you made this summer? Let me know in the comments below!