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King Lamon: From Passion to Purpose

It all started in English 1101 my freshmen year at Armstrong Atlantic State University. I met this young man who didn't go anywhere without his messenger bag. Seven years down the road and he has become one of my best friends, boss, and new favorite artist.

Born and raised in Savannah, GA, Derrick Aikens, musically known as King Lamon, has been singing since the age of 4 and has developed a unique sound through experience in several musical arenas. I was honored to be a witness of his musical gifts in our college gospel choir. Throughout our undergraduate career, he was deemed the choir director. Even at such a young age, he knew his stuff and it was evident that he took his craft and all of the components very seriously. 

While we met during freshmen year, it literally took us four years to understand the value and importance of our friendship. I remember right before graduation he realized that we started to become close when I was on my way out of Savannah (at this point, I made plans to move back to my hometown; as you can see that didn't work out lol).  Ever since we made that discovery, we have been inseparable.

During the course of our friendship, I have not only watched him transform from boy to man, but I've seen the transformation of singing as a hobby to being his God-given gift and purpose. When he sings mountains are moved and the anointing freely flows within the room. His music is literally moving outside of the walls of open mic nights to the ears of people around the world. 

Some may ask how we manage to be such close friends and work together. My answer is simply we know how to separate business and friendship. We know when we talk about business, we are not just "Tia" and "Derrick"; we communicate as assistant and artist. We've learned to not take things personally and remember that we have each other's best intentions in mind. 

His new single "Fighting IV Me" is a view into the mix of God-centered lyrics paired with R&B beats and vibes that encompasses his artistry. This track opens you up to what to expect from King Lamon in the coming months. 

I'm so excited about his journey and I can't wait to see what's in store for him next! 

Want to know more about King Lamon? Check out my interview with him on September 24th, but in the meantime, check out his new single "Fighting IV Me" which can be found on all digital outlets!