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Adulting with Armani!

This month, I was able to chat with my friend, Armani! This girl is constantly working, whether it's creating logos and flyers, writing a book, or creating new content for her blog. Check out this interview to see how she wears the many hats, her experience with adulting, and the inspiration behind her new book!

How do you handle being a full-time student and an entrepreneur?

Definitely making sure that prioritization and organization are first. Even if it is just the smallest thing. Whether it’s studying for my classes, working on some logos or flyers, writing, cleaning up, etc.  I’m always making sure that I have the time blocked out for everything I need to do to so that I’m not overwhelmed or flustered with all the things I have to do or that come my way. 

What is the best thing so far about adulting?

Oh wow, well I guess it’s weird to say, but actually paying things on time! Like the feeling of, ‘Okay, I paid this on time, it’s done!' Well…actually, I think the best feeling is paying things ahead of time and having the extra funds to put on something. Thinking ‘Okay, I have more money to put on that, so I’ll have less to pay next month’. You feel accomplished and like ‘Okay, I did it this month!' I'm getting ahead I'm getting the hang of this adulting thing. 

What is the one thing that scares you the most about adulting?

Having the sense of, "I haven’t done everything that I have to do as an adult yet." I mean, even though I’m only 22, feeling like I’ve missed the mark somehow. Or that I messed up because I don’t have this amount in the bank or didn’t do this or do that. Also just the feeling that I've let others down or somehow messed it up for those that will follow me, especially in terms of my future. I.e, my husband, and my kids. Just having the fear that you've messed up when God does bring forth other blessings and things in my life.   

So, do you think those fears come from social media, being that we are a social media-driven generation or something within yourself?

I guess it could be both. Definitely, social media because you’re seeing so many people that you don’t even know, and you think “Oh my gosh, they’re only 21 and they have this and that, and I’m 22 and I’m only over here”.  It comes from within yourself because you think “okay girl, as an adult, I don’t have this done, or I want to accomplish this”. However, I know that I don’t just want to do these things for myself but I want to do these things so I can help others and be in constant overflow. I want my family to prosper. I want my kids to prosper. I want God to be reflected in what I do. So, remembering that just challenges those thoughts. 

What is one piece of advice that you would give to another emerging adult?

Don’t compare your journey with anyone else! Just know that this is your season and everything that you’re doing is enough. Even on your worst days, find the bright side of it and try to be grateful! Even on my worst day, I am so blessed. So even on your absolute WORST day, you are so blessed, love. God is still moving, even though you can't see it, He’s moving. You have no idea whats on the other side of this season. 

How do you handle not receiving the support you thought you were going to get from people you thought that would support you most?

Sometimes it's just as simple as encouraging yourself. Even if you have to get in the mirror and talk to yourself and give yourself a pep talk. It's also just like I mentioned earlier, you gotta focus on what God needs you to do in this season and that includes who He wants you to reach. Maybe in this season God only wants you to reach three people right now. Whatever the case may be, if you don’t reach out to that many people, have the mindset of 'I’m doing everything to make sure God is glorified and that I’m helping others, regardless of who supports me.' I’m doing what He wants me to do because as long as He’s pleased He’ll take care of me and I just want God to be happy with me. 


I know your book is coming out next week! So what was your inspiration behind it?

It was birthed from a period of attacks from all sides and it all came at once. It was overwhelming because it was directly related to me and the issues that I did not truly deal with in the past. Over the Summer I was out of school and I was gong this period of my life and I just told God, “Okay God, I’m tired of feeling like I’m healed, I’m free from this, and I’m not hurting from this anymore, but in reality I still am and I’m still carrying this hurt everywhere I go. I think I’m covering it up, but people can still see it”. I had to really be honest and vulnerable with God. I had to learn about strongholds and hurt. I had to be committed to recovering and letting go. That entire process birthed my book and I just truly wanted to help other people recover past hurt and doing so by understanding surrendering it to God is what should take place first. 

Any last words?

I am so grateful and honored to have been featured on the Emerging Adult! Everyone should totally check out The Emerging Adult because it’s simply amazing. It blesses my life as an emerging adult because being honest, I’m clueless most of the time. So everyone should check out this amazing blog and subscribe! 

My book, The Recovery: Healing From the Hurt of the Past, is available for pre-order and will be released August 31, 2018! You can visit my blog,, to go ahead and pre-order your copy. You can also follow me on all my social media handles as well, @kyandriaazellner on Instagram and Kyandria Zellner on Facebook as well! 


It was a joy being able to chat with her this month! Be sure to follow her on social media and pre-order your copy of her book!