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Shopping for the Holidays...On a Budget!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With so many friends and loved ones that we want to share our love with, shopping during the holidays can be stressful AND expensive! Today, I’m sharing 5 tips to help you get more bang for your buck this holiday season!

Make a list of those you’re buying gifts for…. and check it twice. Writing everyone down will prevent you from buying unnecessary gifts for a ton of random people. Honestly, seeing names on paper may help you eliminate a few people as well (which equals more money in your pocket!).

Don’t sleep on Groupon. Listen. Groupon is seriously the real MVP. They are always sending coupons via email. The discounts range from 50% off, $10 off of purchases at least $11, $5 egift cards and so much more! Just this holiday season alone I was able to purchase two Christmas gifts in which I only had to pay $1 + shipping/handling ($6.40 per item)!

Utilize old gift cards. From time to time I may find a stack of abandoned gift cards that I’ve accumulated over the years. When I find them I check the balance on each one. Surprisingly I may have a couple that still have money on them! Pull out those old gift cards and call those customer service numbers. Since gift cards don’t expire, you may find a few that have enough money left on them to purchase a gift or two! If you find unused cards, they can’t count as gifts as well!

Coupons are your best friend. Every store in the world right now is having a holiday sale or big discounts for the season. Sign up for the email lists for all of your favorite stores. Check your emails daily to see what deals are happening for the day. I check my email each morning before I start my day and see several discounts for various stores. My favorites are Barnes and Noble, Michael’s, Bath and Body Works, and Kirkland’s.

Compare prices before purchasing. The internet makes this process so much easier! If you’ve found an item you would like to purchase, type the item in Google and see which stores the item can be found. If you’re a tab junky like me, open up a few different links in different tabs to see who has the best deals. In many instances, it’s best to purchase these items online; most stores offer additional discounts and cheaper prices in hopes for online sales.

Bonus…Shop Tia’s Closet. There are items for all shapes and sizes in my closet! All items are name brand, very gently used, and in EXCELLENT condition! Did I mention my prices are affordable?! Everything is $25 or less!

I hope these tips help you save a few extra dollars this holiday season! Do you have any tips that help you shop on a budget during the holidays? Let me know what they are in the comments!

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