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5 things I'm grateful for!

Tis the season of gratitude! Though Thanksgiving is over, I still have so many reasons to be grateful! Check out 5 things I’m grateful for below!

Jesus! He’s the reason I’m living. The reason I have my being. The reason I haven’t gone crazy. And so many other things. He’s whatever I need in any moment, and he’s ALWAYS COME THROUGH! I’m nothing without Him.

No Kids! Listen. Children are blessings and can change one’s life for the better. I do hope to have children one day; however, I know now is not the right time. I’m grateful for God looking out for the kid and covering me when I was out here being reckless. At my age, my mom was a single parent and had a five year old. To this day I don’t know how she did it. I give props to all of the parents out here making the necessary sacrifices and making sure their child has everything that they need!

Singleness. In our generation, singleness is the dreadful word. Everyone wants to be boo’d up and is looked at weird when you’re out here solo dolo. Honestly, I used to dread being single. I invited myself to a pity party and wondered why so and so had a man and I didn’t. Nowadays I enjoy being alone. I still have the desire for a relationship and marriage and all of that good stuff, but it doesn’t consume me as it once did. In this season I’m able to work on myself, start businesses, work on my finances, and enjoy life without having to consider someone else. Learning to be content and understanding that my time is coming makes enjoying singleness a little bit easier.

Friends that believe in my gifts and talents. My friends are the real MVPs. Even when I think that nobody cares about my ventures or I doubt myself, they always manage to come through and prove me wrong. Over the past couple of weeks they have boosted my spirits and encouraged me to push forward in my dreams and aspirations. Get you some friends who believe in your success and will push you every step of the way until you get there.

Several opportunities to “get it right”. We live in a society where getting it right on the first try is the narrative. I’m here to tell you that that is so not the case for many people. I have tried and failed SEVERAL times. I used to beat myself up for not being at a certain level or not doing this or that. I had to learn that mistakes make the journey even better. If you don’t fail, how can you enjoy your success?

What are some things that you’re grateful for? Let me know in the comments below!