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End of Year Goals: Update #1

Hey guys! So, last month I decided to share what I would like to accomplish by the end of 2018. Here is a quick update of my progress!

Launch Tia’s Closet.

If you haven’t heard, Tia’s Closet will be open for business THIS WEDNESDAY! I am beyond excited to share one of my passions of fashion with the world! Stay tuned to my social media pages to get all of the latest updates and view what I’ve bought just for you!

Lose ten pounds.

This is one that I’ve honestly backtracked on. A situation happened a couple of weeks ago that caused me to fall off of my 5am workouts (insert tears here). BUT I plan to get back on the path of health this week! I am still determined to be more conscious of what I eat and get in more physical activity before the start of 2019.

Increase my prayer life.

I have seen progress in this area. I am still reading scripture and doing bible app devotions to help get me to where I want to be. I would like to focus on being more intentional in writing in my prayer journal every day though. Consistency is key!

Read three self-development books.

If you know me you know I love to read; however, if you really know me, you know I like to read several books at one time. While it’s good to multitask, sometimes while I’m reading one book I end up taking a trip to the library, find another really good book, and the cycle begins. It has its pros and cons. Currently I’m reading Believe Bigger by Marshawn Evans Daniels, I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart, and Life Management for Busy Women by Elizabeth George. Did I also mention that I’m reading a Christian fiction book by Kimberla Lawson Roby? ( I couldn’t help myself; it’s the last book of the Curtis Black series). Pray my strength!

Finish my last quarter of this school year strong.

The quarter began last week and currently I’m working with a B in my first class. My next class begins next week. This will be my first time in this program taking two classes simultaneously. Time management will definitely be key. I’m praying for A’s in both classes!

I’m making progress but I have so much more to do before the end of the year! How are your end of the year goals coming? Let me know in the comments below!