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My End of the Year Goals!

We are officially in the last quarter of this year! This brought on a period of reflection and allowed me to think about what I wanted to accomplish before the new year. Here are five of my end of the year goals!

  • Launch Tia’s Closet

This process has not been as easy as I originally thought, but I am excited to say that the launching is happening very VERY soon. I can’t wait to share my passion for thrifting and fashion with the world!

  • Lose ten pounds.

If you’re anything like me, you probably pay your membership fees faithfully to your local gym, but rarely ever go to put that money to use. Thankfully, I have two friends who are now holding me accountable by challenging me to go to the gym three days out of the week at 5 AM. It’s not an easy feat, but knowing I’m making the effort to work towards my weight loss progress makes it all worth it. Outside of the gym, I’m slowly but surely changing my eating habits. Unfortunately, old habits die hard, but hey, I have to start somewhere!

  • Increase my prayer life

If I’m honest, prayer has always been one of those areas in life where I’ve felt like I could improve. Recently, it has been tugging on my heart more than ever. Being intentional about maturing in this area has been challenging, especially when it comes to sacrificing sleep, social media time, etc. I’ve been reading a couple of books, doing devotionals on the Bible app, and listening to sermons to help push me in the right direction in being a prayer warrior.

  • Read three self-development books

Life is a constant journey of developing and growing. The last three months of the year, I’m on the hunt for the books that will challenge me, better my business skills, and overall make me a better individual!

  • Finish my last quarter of this school year strong.

I’m currently in school working on my second master’s degree. Last quarter was very difficult and there were days that I thought about throwing the degree program away and starting over. With the encouragement of my friends and God, I was able to come out on the other side with a passing grade! This quarter, I want to do a better job at planning, following instructions, and accepting constructive criticism so that I’m able to remove any doubt or worry about whether or not I’m going to pass the class. I WILL MAKE A’s!

I’m excited to see the progress I’ll make by December 31. Ending this year amazingly will help transition into next year smoothly.

What are some of your end of year goals? I would love to chat about them in the comments below!